Payment Methods

Pay with PayPal:

You can pay through your PayPal account, a secure payment method to make purchases online. PayPal provides the greatest protection framework for the buyer (they ensure the total refund of your purchase if you do not receive the merchandise or if the one you receive is different from the one advertised).

Pay with Credit Card:

You can make the payment of your order by credit card, entering the numbering and in this way the amount of the order will be deducted directly from your card. It is important that you know that the online store is a secure website with a privacy policy.

Shipping and delivery methods

It is imperative that you provide us with a mobile number and your email address, as you will receive the notification of the delivery of your order to the email address provided with the tracking number.

We will send your order by the ‘’Correos’’ agency within the delivery deadline established according to the delivery destination.

National Parcel Store

A first delivery is made and in the event that the client is not available for the delivery, the package will be rescheduled for a second delivery. However, if there is no possibility of delivery in this second attempt, the package will be sent to the nearest post office within 15 days for collection.

It is important to provide the telephone and email address to send the tracking number and to contact the sender if there is no delivery.

The delivery time for national parcels is from 24 to 72 working hours once the order is confirmed.

* Canary Islands: All customs charges are borne by the sender.

The cost of shipping in Spain may vary by province between 4 and 7 €.

The cost of shipping to the Canary Islands is 7,95€.

International Parcel

A single delivery is made at the address provided by the sender. In the event of impossibility of delivery, the package will be sent to the nearest office with a maximum period of 15 for collection.

The delivery time is 3 to 7 business days depending on the destination.

The cost of International shipping may vary by country between 8,95€ and 15,95€. These prices are applicable to the following countries: Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, United States, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Jersey Island, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Aruba, Barbados, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea , Hong Kong, Maldive Islands, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia, India, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In the rest of the countries not named, the shipping cost is € 45.